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              B/E-method Test System for three-phase Induction Motor

              According the IEC 60034-2-1:2007: Standard methods for determining losses and efficiency from tests, ANGUIME provide B/E-method test system for three-phase induction motor. System classify the whole method in several procedures and automatically capture the data druing the test, finally make out the B-Method result automatically.

              1. Based on <IEC 60034-2-1:2007: Standard methods for determining losses and efficiency from tests> for the B/E-method
              2. System can be easily operated by user.
              3. All the procedures can be find in the man interface of software.
              4. Automatically capturing the data and making out the final B/E- method.
              5. With the different dynamometers, user can test every 3-phase induction motor as they wanted by B/E-method.
              6. With special software,system can do performance test, and draw out the motor characteristic curve M=f(U, I, W, n, P,η,cosΦ) .
              7. With special software,system can do temperature-rise test.
              8. System can output the EXCEL report for the user.

              Customers: Shanghai SEARI, NantongQTS