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              Micro-Torque(50mNm and below) Motor Test System

              ANGUIME provide special and professional angle-mechanism dynamometer for micro-torque(50mNm and below) motor test. We have 5mNm, 30mNm and 50mNm with 2%, 1%, 0.5% accuracy. this high quality dynamometer is wedely used in tiny BLDC motor, Shaded-Pole motor, etc.

              1. By digital PID adjustment, system can run constant load(torque, current or powerin), and once the load be set, it will be automatically stable in 2~3seconds without any outside adjusting by hand.
              2. With special mechanical construction,the torque testing is better than strain gauge system.
              3. Stable strips left-up loading(Multi-point value load), the number of point can be over 10, with loading control of the constant current, torque and constant input power.
              4. Automatically do permanent-magnet DC motor performance test in 0~60 sec, and draw out the motor characteristic curve M=f(U, I, W, n, P,η).
              5. Do the test automatically or by hand, automatically save record during test, and data print.

              Customers: Shanghai SEARI, FLURIDA Group