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              Motor Test Requirements
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              After many years of accumulation, ANGUIME has formed a set of independent property rights in automobile test. We provide corresponding test system for our customer's different motor and different test requirments, to ensure the precision of the test data, and the convenience of the test process.

              According customer's special requiements, We provides many different professional test solutions for automobile motors which inlude: Performance Test(used for type test), Quick Pass/Fail Test(used on assembling line), Durability Test(with environment chamber), Quick Performance Test(high sampling rate in short test time), Instantaneous Characteristic Test and Stall Test,etc.

              Our automobile motor test systems are wildely used by many well-kown automobile parts manufacturers such as BOSCH, Valeo , Siemens VDO, Brose, Fauecia, BYD, FAW, etc.

              Pulling Motor

              Blower Motor

              Window Motor

              Seat Motor

              Sunroof Motor

              Rear Wiper Motor

              Pump Motor

              Cooling Motor

              EPS Motor

              Oil Pump Motor

              Door Motor

              Gate Lift Motor

              Gear Motor

              Front Wiper Motor

              ABS Motor

              Starter Motor

              Washer Motor

              Park Motor
                  Note: We list some typical motors above, and each motors include several test systems