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              Motor Test Requirements
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                Dynamometer Series    
                Motor Test Controller  
                Regulated Power Supply
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              Power/Garden Tool Test 
              Automobile Motor Test  
              HouseAppliances Motor Test
              Small & Micro Motor Test
              Generator & Misc Motor Test
              Build the Test Center

              According the standards of UL, EN, GS, TUC, TUV-PS, BV,SGS, GB and by more than ten years expierence of power/garden tools test system, ANGUIME has successfully provides professional Durability test solutions with different dynamometers and controllers for many customers, these durability test solutions include: NoLoad durability test, Load durability test, Temperature-rise test, Heattransfer test and CDT test. And to meet customers' other requirements, we provide the performance test, other special test(static stall test, Hi-po test and cabel test, etc).

              Our power/garden tools test systems are widely used by many well-known manufacturers such as METABO, BLACK&DECKER, CHERVON, HUSQVARNA,INTERSKOL,REXON,CROWN,YAT etc, and many famous certification test centers such as TUV, TUV-PS, KEMA, BV, SGS, CVC,CPI, SEARI, etc.

              Angle Grinder

              Electric Drill/
              Impact Drill

              Mitre Saw

              Circular Saw

              DC Drill

              Jig Saw

              Reciprocating Saw


              Electric Chainsaw

              Hedge Trimmer


              Gas Chainsaw

              Hand Planer

              Electri Sander/
              Belt Sander


              Straight Grinder

              Die Grinder

              Marble Saw/
              Tile Cutter

               Cabel's Fexibility Test
               Static Stall Test
               Hi-Po Test
               Mower: Temperature-Rise and Durability Test
               Gas Chainsaw Quick Pass/Fail Test
               Gas Chainsaw: Durability Test for the clutch
               Circular Saw: Durability Test for the lower guard
               Circular Saw: Close time Test for the lower guard
               Burst speed Test for the Grinder/Polisher/Sander
                Impact Durability Test for Hammer
               Load Durability Test
               NoLoad Durability Test
               DC Drill Durability Test
               CDT and HeatTransfer Test

               Temperature Rise Test
               Performance Test

                    Note:The special or general fixture can be designed for the different power/garden tools in test system.