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              Static Stall Test System for Power/Garden Tools


              System is used for the static stall torque or locked rofor torque of power/garden tools

              1. suitable for the standard of GB 2882 and IEC 60745.
              2. Up to 1000points/sec sampling.
              3. With flexible 3 Dimensional Table, tools can be easily fixed and test
              4. With RS232 comunication interface.
              5. With the software, system can draw out the torque-time(ms) curve(including the peak torque and stable torque).
              6. Automatically save record during test, user can set the stable torque interval.
              7. System can test operating time of heat protector.(optional)
              8. System can test most Power tools and Garden tools such as Hand planer, Tile cutter, Angle Grinder, Table drill, Impact drill,hand circular saw,Rechargeable drill and so on.

              Customers: The entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of YUYAO, shanghai TUV-PS Lab.