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              Performance Test System for Robot Servo Motor

              The system is designed for the comprehensive performance test of general robot servo motor system: permanent magnet servo motor, driver and reduce. The system measures the input voltage, current, power, output voltage, current power, motor torque, speed and other parameters. Comprehensively evaluate the performance of the tested motor / driver / reducer.

              The test system is suitable for the comprehensive performance test of robot servo motor. It can accurately test the dynamic performance items such as load characteristic test, time response test of torque change, position tracking error test, and static performance items such as cogging torque and torque fluctuation.


              1.Using the famous servo motor as load motor, such as siemens/ABB/B&R,etc.
              2.Using the high quality torque sensor(kistler, lorenz) and high quality voltage/current caputring module(Yokogawa,Hoki,etc).
              3.Using the high speed data acquisition module(NI,etc)

              Customers: ABB, SEARI, shanghai MOONS, Infineon, Shanghai STEP.