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              Servo-Dynamometer Motor Test System

              A kind of power-transfer dynamometer, the power is consumed out of the dynamometer,so it can continuously run with high power. Different from the typical hysteresis/Eddy-current/Magnetic-powder passive dynamometers,the test system uses servo motor as load, controlling in speed mode or torque mode, which can provide the passive loading and active loading.


              1.Using the low inetia asynchronous or synchronous servo motor as dynamometer(load motor), system can test motor from 100W~100KW
              2.Using the high accuracy torque transducer between the load motor and test motor to make the system more stable and reliable.
              3.Can test many kinds of motor: one phase/three phases induction motor, DC motor, AC Servo motor , BLDC motor,etc.
              4.With high precision power analyzer, system can test the motor with driver/ECU,caculating the driver/ECU efficiency, motor efficiency and the whole efficiency.
              5.Servo-dynamometer can run at speed control mode or torque control mode, which can test motor at 4-quadrant. loading/generating(CW:T+,T-; CCW:T+,T-)
              6.System can run at active mode, which can test the motor's back EMF, torque ripple and cogging torque
              7.With high precision encoder, system can test angle of motor in position mode.
              8.The transfered power can be absorbed by braking resistance or feedback to POWER GRID
              9.Optional high-specification servo motor and servo driver, such as Seimens, ABB, SCHORCH,etc

              Customers: ABB, SEARI.