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              ANGUIME has provided many test solutions for small & micro motor, which are not only used in Power/Garden Tool field, Automobile Motor field and House Appliances field, but also used in the other motor fields, such as Air Compressor field, Airplane Model field, Treadmill field, Pupm field, Micro-EV field, and more...These test solutions include: B/E-method for losses, Performance Test, Quick Pass/Fail Test, Durability Test, Temperature Rise Test and some other special tests.

              Our Motor Test system can test: DC Motor, Series Motor, Induction Motor, Shaded-Pole Motor, Brushless & Synchronous Motor, Serv Motor, Stepper Motor and more...

              In other special motor fields, we ensure that we can offer the test systems to meet our customer's requiements.

              Our systems have been widely used in the below small & micro motor test.

              Air Compressor Motor

              Model Motor

              Counting Machine Motor

              Treadmill Motor

              Pump Motor

              Sewing Machine Motor

              Serv Motor

              Micro DC Motor

              Wheel Motor


              Besides the hysteresis dynamometer, eddy-current dynamometer and magnetic powder dynamomter, we also provide the servo dynamometer test system to meet the different customer's requirements.

              Servo Dynamometer Test System